Last week, JJLM filed a lawsuit in federal district court in Eugene on behalf of Kirsten Cardwell, a former patrol officer with the Eugene Police Department (EPD), who was discriminated against by her employer for being female. Officer Cardwell was sexually harassed by her male field training officer, and she continued to suffer hostile work environment sexual harassment from peers over the course of her employment with EPD. She was also denied opportunities for advancement and promotion within the Department, even though she was one of the highest performing officers. See our Complaint for more information.

It is illegal for an employer to allow sexual harassment and sex-based discrimination. You should not be subjected to sexual teasing or innuendos, unwanted touching, or treated in a controlling or humiliating way because of your gender. If you think you may have been discriminated against based on sex or gender and would like to explore your legal options, please give us a call.