Skilled, Experienced Counsel For Attorney Referral Cases

Last updated on January 25, 2021

At Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton, we are proud of the relationships we build with referring attorneys and their clients. Since 1953, we have earned a reputation among our peers for outstanding service and skillful guidance in the referrals we handle.

Many attorneys who refer cases to Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton have been doing so for years. They understand that we have the experience and resources to litigate their clients’ cases to successful resolutions – and that we will do so with compassion and respect. Whether your client needs counsel regarding personal injury lawconsumers’ rights or employment law matters, we can assist you.

Striking A Fine Balance

At Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton, we respect the referring attorney’s relationship with her/his client while providing our knowledge and skill. When you work with Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton, you can be as engaged in handling the case as you like.  We enjoy working with other professionals, always willing to learn and share. You will work with respectful professionals who have handled thousands of referrals.

Representation Throughout The United States

If your firm is not located in the Eugene metro area, we can still assist you. We represent clients across the Western United States and across the country.  We have recently handled several matters on the East Coast. Our attorneys are licensed to practice in four states: Oregon, Washington, California and New York.

Speak To Us About Referring A Case

If you want to refer a case to our experienced team, and to learn how we might help you contact one of the attorneys at Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton. To reach us, call us toll-free at 541-484-2434 or send us an email.