Dangerously Defective Products

Last updated on July 18, 2022

Claims based on injuries caused by dangerously defective products are typically very difficult and expensive to prove. Usually, unless the product has already been proven to be defective, injuries must be permanent and severe to make a claim economically viable to pursue. Our firm is one of the few with the experience and resources to effectively prosecute these claims, and therefore we are often contacted by other attorneys requesting help for their clients.

Defective products can range from machinery to toys and other consumer products to automobiles that do not protect occupants in a crash to medical devices and drugs. We have handled many cases in all of these areas. Examples range from augers and chipper shredders that don’t stop spinning when their handles are released to airbags that don’t deploy to hip and knee implants that fail prematurely to extendable dog leashes that sever fingers to seat heaters in cars that overheat and cause severe burns to sensory-deprived individuals.

Our work on behalf of people injured by dangerously defective products helps make the world a safer place. Seat belts, airbags, and anti-lock brakes are examples that most people know about, but the work of products liability trial lawyers has resulted in countless products being designed and manufactured to be safer.



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