Upholding Civil Rights for Everyone

The guarantee of civil and human rights is always under attack, often by those ensured with safeguarding those rights. Our civil rights practice extends to every area of the community, from schools to the workplace, from families to the government, from access to healthcare to access to the Internet. We have focused our attention, talent, and experience on championing the civil and human rights of people no matter their race, gender, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Our lawyers include civil rights leaders, visionaries, and innovators at the cutting edge of shaping civil rights law and policy.

Civil rights claims often have exceptionally difficult legal barriers. But Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton has built its reputation on a willingness and ability to take on extraordinarily challenging cases, setting us apart from other firms. One of the keys to our strength in litigating constitutional cases lies in the fact that we are a firm of trial lawyers. We are especially effective at crafting innovative legal arguments by bringing to bear all available facts in addressing the constitutional principles at stake.

Types of Cases We Handle

At Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton, we handle many different types of civil rights cases. Learn more about our employment law practice areas below:

Police Misconduct

The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guards against unreasonable search and seizure. Police or other authorities must have reasonable suspicion to detain a person, and must have probable cause to make an arrest. Officers that make a false arrest or falsely imprison an innocent party may be liable for violating that person’s constitutional rights. Law enforcement is not above the law. We have fought for clients who were arrested without probable cause or wrongfully targeted by police. We relentlessly investigate and prosecute cases of police misconduct, and we are determined to help vindicate our client’s civil rights.

In-Custody Mistreatment and Death

If your loved one died in prison or jail and you suspect that they died because they were mistreated, you’re not alone. Too often, prisoners whose rights were violated in prison or jail lose their lives as a result. And prison/jail officials frequently refuse to give families information about their loved one who has died in custody, making it even more difficult to get answers. Even if correctional staff did not directly cause your loved one’s death, they may still be liable for failing to protect your loved one from harm by themselves or someone else. The Supreme Court has recognized that in jails and prisons, prison officials have a duty to protect prisoners from violence at the hands of other prisoners. If a correctional officer, nurse, or doctor knew that your loved one was at risk of being harmed by another and failed to act, he or she could be liable.

Cases involving deaths in custody tend to be difficult to win. But we have litigated cases involving suicide, deaths caused by other prisoners, deaths caused by prison or jail staff, deaths caused by denials of medical care, and more.

Abuse by School Officials

Schools and colleges occupy a special place in our community; educating and shaping future generations puts teachers and school officials into positions of trust and authority. When that pact is breached and your child’s civil rights are violated, it can be difficult obtain justice on your own. In this cutting-edge practice area, our firm vigilantly keeps abreast of new state and national legislation and case-law developments. We achieve positive outcomes by zealously prosecuting in our clients’ interests.

Professional Neglect Resulting in Deprivation of Civil Rights

When a government agent or official has a professional duty to protect the rights of an individual, but fails to do so, they may be liable for the resulting damages. Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton has the legal savvy and resources to delivery top-notch results for our clients, and our firm has represented individuals and organizations in some of the more difficult civil rights challenges that have arisen in the area of deprivation of civil rights. In doing so, we’ve managed cases that have presented very complex legal and factual issues, which were often related to highly charged political and social issues.

Working With A Civil Rights Lawyer In Oregon

If you believe you have been unlawfully targeted by law enforcement, your loved one has suffered death or serious injury while in-custody, or your civil rights have otherwise been denied, you don’t have to fight back on your own. Our team of highly credentialed lawyers have handled these cases in federal and state court. Perhaps most importantly, Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton strives to create close bonds with our clients, which constantly motivates us, deepens our knowledge of our clients’ stories, and strengthens the passion necessary to win them the compensation they deserve.

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