As A Whistleblower, You Deserve Compensation

Last updated on December 4, 2020

Whistleblowers perform an essential service to the public. They alert authorities about the wrongdoing of corporations, government entities and private individuals. To encourage and reward whistleblowing, the government allows certain individuals who report wrongdoing to receive part of the damages or awards that the government recovers.

At Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton, we represent whistleblowers throughout the nation We can help you navigate how to report wrongdoing, uphold your rights if you experience retaliation, and help you recover compensation.

Qui Tam Actions: What To Know

Under the False Claims Act, you have the right to file a lawsuit called a qui tam action on behalf of the United States government against an entity that has committed fraud. If the government recovers money from the entity, then you may receive a portion of it. Qui tam actions are incredibly complex, and you should consult Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton to fully understand your options.

We Protect Whistleblowers Throughout The U.S.

Our office is based in Eugene, but we serve clients throughout the United States – particularly the Western region. Our attorneys are licensed to practice in four states: Oregon, Washington, California and New York. Even if you do not reside in the Eugene metro area, you can still receive our strong representation regarding your rights as a whistleblower. Call us to discuss your case at 541-484-2434, or you can email the firm to request a confidential appointment.