JJLM filed suit in Douglas County against the driver of an ATV who jumped off the top of a dune in Reedsport, just north of Coos Bay, and landed on our client’s ATV. Our client was returning from a call while working as a volunteer EMT for Winchester Bay Rural Fire Protection District. Our client’s life altering injuries resulted in multiple reconstructive surgeries, and he will never be able to volunteer as an EMT again.

Despite being a volunteer, our client was covered by workers’ compensation at the time of his injury. It’s a good thing, because the cost of his medical treatment could easily have caused financial ruin for our client and his family. JJLM workers’ compensation attorney Keith Semple has been involved from the beginning to protect our client’s right to workers’ compensation benefits, which will continue into the future. The workers’ compensation insurer will receive reimbursement from any recovery.

Many people are surprised to learn that they have to cover their medical costs with their own insurance until settlement is reached with the wrongdoer, and that the insurer who paid the bills usually gets some money back. It can take a long time before all of the losses are known and settlement can be negotiated. Even then, the recovery can be limited by insurance limits and the wrongdoer’s ability to pay for damages that exceed the insurance coverage. In some of these cases, the providers will continue treating and hold their bills under a letter of protection, which gives them assurance that they will be first in line for payment out of any recovery. However, this is not always the case and outstanding bills sometimes interfere with treatment.

At JJLM we look at all potential avenues for covering the costs of the medical treatment so that our clients can focus on their recovery.
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