Car accidents can change lives in an instant when they result in catastrophic or permanent injuries. Sometimes, regardless of who caused the accident, auto manufacturers can be held liable when their designs fail.

In 2018, a McAllen, Texas man was awarded $4.8 million because the window glass in his Ford truck was dangerously defective, resulted in the amputation of his arm. Because of this, the jury decided that Ford was 90% responsible and awarded this verdict despite the fact that the driver caused the crash.

The jury found that Ford was 90% responsible for the driver’s injuries because Ford used inferior, tempered glass instead of safer, but more expensive, laminated glass. Ford put profit over safety, and the jury held it responsible.

This case shows that even when a driver is at fault, there still may be a case if there are very serious injuries and the vehicle is dangerously defective. If you think that you have a case, or want an expert opinion, contact Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton. With over fifty years of experience representing people who have been killed or injured in car accidents, Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton. are the people to turn to get fair compensation.  You Have a Right to Justice.