People suffering from injuries will find a receptive ear in Beatrice Grace, a former emergency room nurse who attended the University of Oregon School of Law and now is an associate at Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton, one of Oregon’s leading plaintiff law firms.

“When clients explain something about their injury, I understand what they’re saying and they believe me,” Grace says. “As a former emergency room nurse, I am used to people in crisis who are frustrated, fearful and vulnerable. I’m able to engage with them on their own terms.”

Grace says she was a patient advocate as a nurse and now is translating that advocacy into the law.

“Injured people are navigating two extremely complex systems,” she explains. “It is reassuring for them to talk to someone who appreciates the medical dimensions of their crisis as well as the legal minefield they face in seeking fair compensation.”

Grace graduated from law school in 2015 and chose Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton because of its reputation for fighting for clients through trials.

“This is a firm with a well earned reputation for advocating for vulnerable individuals against big companies represented by big law firms,” she says. “This firm has the resources and the will power to fight for clients that want justice and validation someone’s misconduct resulted in their injuries.”

Grace has worked as a Registered Nurse for PeaceHealth since 1991. She earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon in 2009 and entered the Law School in 2012 with a concentration on pubic interest law. Grace worked as a court-certified law student at the University of Oregon Domestic Violence Clinic.

Grace is the second staff member at Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton with a nursing background. Jodie Wize, R.N., B.S.N., joined the firm in 2000 as a trial assistant after working as a nurse in intensive care and surgery. She also has experience as a field nurse working with home health patients.