Nadia Raza and Lane Community College are pleased to announce that they have resolved Ms. Raza’s claims asserted in the U.S. District Court of Oregon, Case No. 6:16-cv-00098-AA.

LCC has agreed to hire Sigma Threat Assessment, nationally-recognized experts in behavioral threat assessment, threat management, and violence prevention, to provide an individualized threat assessment and safety plan for Ms. Raza, and to implement their recommendations.

LCC will also consult with campus safety experts to evaluate its threat assessment and response policies and procedures campus-wide and to train the threat assessment team related to these recommendations by May 2017. As part of an ongoing initiative, LCC is also in the process of reviewing its Title IX policies with an independent expert and will implement any needed improvements by May 2017.

LCC has agreed it will provide more information to its Classroom Conduct Review Committee, made up of both administration and faculty, about student conduct concerns and administrative responses. Finally, Ms. Raza will also receive a monetary payment from the College.