A New York Times investigation into NHTSA practices has revealed a deadly defect in General Motors vehicles that G.M. has brushed aside for over a decade. The defect, which causes vehicles to suddenly turn off while being driven, has caused at least 13 deaths and many other injuries.

G.M. has finally begun the process of recalling 1.6M cars that have this dangerous defect. Users of these vehicles have reported frightening scenes in which their cars have suddenly stalled at highway speeds, in heavy city traffic, or while crossing railroad tracks. A number of the complaints warned of catastrophic consequences if nothing was done, because the cars that stall can no longer correctly steer or brake, and their air bags may not function.

G.M.’s failure to timely address these concerns is unfortunately not unique. We have represented many sensory-deprived people who have been severely burned by seat heaters in G.M. vehicles, but G.M. refuses to warn users or take other action to prevent these injuries from happening in the future.

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