Earlier this week, JJLM filed a lawsuit in federal court in Medford on behalf of Cory Muse, a former bartender at The 238 Bar in Grants Pass, who was discriminated and retaliated against by her employer for being pregnant. When Muse disclosed her pregnancy, her hours were cut and she was placed on the less lucrative morning shift. When she told her employer that the treatment was illegal, her employer fired her. See our Complaint and recent coverage in The Oregonian for more information.

Requiring a person to accept unnecessary workplace restrictions, cutting their hours, firing them, or otherwise treating them differently because they are pregnant is illegal. So is refusing to make reasonable accommodations that would allow a pregnant person to perform their job. Sometimes employers will justify this behavior by claiming it is for the employee’s own good or for their safety, but this is a matter for the employee (and possibly their doctor) to determine – not the employer. If you think you may have been discriminated against or retaliated against for being pregnant and would like to explore your legal options, please give us a call.