If you are injured on the job in a car crash due to the negligence of another driver, there are at least three potential insurance claims.

The first should be a workers’ compensation claim.  Workers’ compensation should provide the initial wage replacement and medical coverage that your auto insurance Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage might otherwise provide if you were not on the job.

The second claim would normally be against the negligent driver’s insurance.  In many cases it will take time to determine the extent of the losses before negotiating with the other driver’s insurance, but it is important to make contact early so that you can try to determine whether the other driver had coverage and whether the coverage available under their policy is likely to be sufficient.

If the other driver is uninsured or the insurance is insufficient to cover the damages, there could be a claim against the insurance that was on the vehicle you were driving for work.  It is important to collect the employer’s insurance information at the outset so that it is available when needed.

Our firm has attorneys who specialize in both auto and workers’ compensation claims, so we have the expertise and experience to help our clients navigate this complicated process and maximize the overall recovery.