While car crashes occur in all areas of the roadway, you face particular risks when navigating one of Oregon’s many work zones. Construction zones are not going anywhere anytime soon. So, it is important that you understand the risks involved and make efforts to avoid these dangerous areas when possible. 

According to the Oregon Department of Transportation, the state’s work zones are the sites of almost 500 car wrecks every year, with at least one such crash within state lines occurring every 18 hours. Each year, about 13 of those work zone car wrecks result in one or more serious injuries, while five of them lead to at least one road death. What are some of the risks you face in work zones, and what are communities doing to help protect their citizens? 

Construction zone crash hazards

Drivers who speed through work zones present a serious threat to you and everyone else navigating through these areas. Many work zone car crashes involve speed. Rear-end crashes are a common result of motorists speeding and then not having adequate time to stop before colliding with other vehicles. 

Sometimes, it is the ongoing construction in work zones that creates crash hazards for motorists. Loose gravel, poorly placed traffic cones or unclear directions from traffic controllers are also common contributors to work zone wrecks. 

Safety measures

Many communities across Oregon have enhanced their enforcement efforts in construction zones to help raise awareness and reduce the number of crashes occurring in them. The Oregon Department of Transportation is also closing roads during construction efforts when possible to help cut back on the number of crashes taking place in these areas. 

When approaching a work zone, slow your speed and tap your brakes to help lower your chances of involvement in a wreck.