Lussuria Salon’s masseuse, Hee Joon Yang, sexually assaulted a patient on December 15, 2015. The patient, going by Jane Doe, filed a lawsuit on September 26, 2016, in Lane County Circuit Court alleging sexual battery, professional negligence, invasion of privacy, and sex discrimination. Meredith Holley and Jennifer Middleton of Johnson Johnson & Schaller are representing her in the case. The complaint is here.

If you have experienced a sexual assault during a massage from this masseuse or any other, your story could be important in keeping our community safe. Please call the attorneys at Johnson Johnson & Schaller at 541-484-2434.

Jane Doe, who had never before received a massage, scheduled her massage through the Lussuria Salon’s reception desk, which chose Yang as her masseuse. Jane Doe believed she would be safe and that she could rely on Yang to provide medical treatment. Instead, Yang betrayed her trust and exploited her vulnerability by sexually assaulting her.

Almost a week after the assault, Yang took Jane Doe’s phone number from her medical chart and began texting her without her permission or invitation. Jane Doe told Yang to stop texting her, but he continued harassing her through the next day.

Jane Doe has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. This experience has interfered with her ability to sleep, work, and seek medical care. Her Complaint asks for $1,027,000 in compensation for her medical expenses, time lost from work, and emotional loss.

Oregon’s Massage Therapy Board regulations are strict about the procedures massage therapists are required to use when touching a patient’s breasts or “body cavities.” The regulations require massage therapists to get written consent, articulate a medical reason for the massage, and wear gloves, among other requirements. The Massage Therapy Board has revoked Hee Joon Yang’s massage license because of this assault.